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Google Cloud BigQuery and Storage with Python

Python scripts to use Google BigQuery and Storage.

Play Jeffnections

Inspired by The New York Times Connections game and this video:

Which Bridgerton man should you court?

Would you like to find the love of your life in the upper-class British world of courtship? Take this quiz to find out which of the prominent men from the Netflix show you should go for during the season.

Follow along my semester in Spain!

Based in Madrid, I have the wonderful opportunity to experience the Spanish life and hopefully better my Spanish speaking skills.

What Pokémon type are you?

I started teaching myself web design after taking a quiz online with a similar name and felt that the results were not accurate, so I decided to just create my own. I taught myself how to create the quiz and eventually the website you see today. I would like to add a disclaimer: I do not know much about Pokémon, I just went off vibes.

Virtual Transit Simulator

A project from my Software Design senior capstone course at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cites, this Virtual Transit Simulator simulates buses and trains on the campus. My teammates and I did the majority of the Java code and the professor provided the visual component.